The New Solar System: Ice Worlds, Moons, and Planets Redefined (Hardcover)

The New Solar System: Ice Worlds, Moons, and Planets Redefined Cover Image
By Patricia Daniels, Robert Burnham (Foreword by)
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Aimed at the popular audience by experienced astronomy author Patricia Daniels with contributions by former editor of "Astronomy" magazine Robert Burnham and highlighted by 160 photographs, diagrams and maps, this superb guide explores every corner of Earth's planetary neighborhood, from the fiery sun at its center to the dark, icy realm where interstellar space begins. It's a state-of-the-art observation of the solar system as we know it today and a knowledgeable forecast of what to expect in the future, from Pluto's demotion to plutoid to the upcoming Moon mission, the likelihood of a manned expedition to Mars, and much more.
From breathtaking full-color photographs to detailed explanatory diagrams to expert essays, fascinating sidebars, and informative fact boxes, the "New Solar System" is not just an easy-to-use, solidly reliable reference, but also a visually stunning, invitingly browsable volume guaranteed to fire the imagination of even the most casual reader.
As we celebrate NASA's first half-century and look outward to exciting new possibilities, public interest in all things interplanetary will only grow more intenseand this wonderfully timely book is poised to launch us once more into the High Frontier.

About the Author

Patricia Daniels has written extensively on science and health. Among her publications are "Human Body, Childhood Medical Guide," "Medical Advisor, Caring for Your Parents: The Complete AARP Guide, "and the "National Geographic Encyclopedia of Space,"
Trisha Gura is a molecular biologist and former journalist for the "Chicago Tribune." She earned a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT and Harvard. Today, she is a resident scholar at Brandeis University, a freelance writer, and author of "Lying in Weight: The Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders."
Susan Tyler Hitchcock has written 13 books, including National Geographic's "Geography of Religion." Her most recent book is "Frankenstein: A Cultural History." She currently works as an editorial project director for the National Geographic Society.
Lisa Stein is an online news editor with "Scientific American." She was formerly deputy national editor at "U.S. News and World Report. "In addition, Stein has written and edited for many media outlets, including TV Guide (as Washington bureau chief)" "and "National Journal."
John Thompson has a background in English and biology. He is author of nine National Geographic books. He was editor for "The Journals of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Biography" and is now working on a book about the western Dakotas.
Stefan Bechtel is the author or co-author of seven books, which have sold two million copies and been translated into ten languages. His latest, "Roar of the Heavens," is about Hurricane Camille.
Richard Restak, M.D., is a neurologist and bestselling author of 18 books, including "The New Brain." He is clinical professor of neurology at the George WashingtonUniversity Medical Center School of Medicine and Health Services, has served on many national advisory councils for brain research, and has been a consultant for NBC's "Today" show.

Robert Burnham is a freelance astronomy writer based in Wisconsin, USA
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Publisher: National Geographic Society
Publication Date: August 18th, 2009
Pages: 223
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