Gonzalez and Daughter Trucking Co.: A Road Novel with Literary License (Paperback)

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Serving a sentence in a prison in Mexico, Libertad Gonzalez finds a clever way to pass the time with the weekly Library Club, reading to her fellow inmates from whatever books she can find in the prison's meager supply. The story that emerges, though, has nothing to do with the words printed on the pages. She tells of a former literature professor and fugitive of the Mexican government who reinvents himself as a trucker in the United States. There he falls in love with a wild woman with whom he shares his truck and his life that is until Joaquin Gonzalez unexpectedly finds himself alone on the road with a baby girl and Gonzalez & Daughter Trucking Co. is born. Joaquin and his daughter make the cab of an 18-wheeler their home, sharing everything adventures, books, truck-stop chow, and memories of the girl's mother until one day the girl grows into a woman, and a chance encounter with one man causes her to rebel against another.
With her stories, Libertad enthralls a group of female prisoners every bit as eccentric as the tales she tells. In "Gonzalez and Daughter Trucking Co.," bestselling author Maria Amparo Escandon seamlessly blends together these elements into one compelling and unexpected conclusion that will have you cheering for Libertad and filled with joy.

About the Author

Maria Amparo Escandon lives in Los Angeles and is the bestselling author of "Esperanza s Box of Saints.""

Praise For…

“A warm and ingenious novel that delights from start to finish.” —Alexander Payne, Screenwriter and Director of Sideways

“1,001 nights in a Mexicali women’s prison...González and Daughter Trucking Co. is about our compulsion to make events into stories and stories into bridges of understanding.” —John Sayles, Screenwriter and Director

“Escandón has delivered us yet another work of art. . . A whimsical, humorous, and passionate mystery that explores the love and hurt of a father and daughter on the run.” —Jorge Ramos, News Anchor for Univision and Bestselling Author

“An ingenious retelling of Scheherazade’s odyssey—but on wheels.” —Ilan Stavans, author of Spanglish: The Making of a New American Language

Product Details
ISBN: 9781400097357
ISBN-10: 1400097355
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)
Publication Date: April 19th, 2005
Pages: 235
Language: English