Evangelism Without Additives: What If Sharing Your Faith Meant Just Being Yourself? (Paperback)

By Jim Henderson, Brian McLaren (Foreword by)
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What if "evangelism" meant just being yourself?
If the gospel really is good news, why do most Christians avoid evangelism? Why is "witnessing" often a negative experience, for both the sender and receiver? Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate the good news without having to become a spiritual salesperson?
What if...
-you didn't have to make a speech in order to "witness"?
-you could use everyday experiences to nudge others closer to Jesus?
-the things you're already doing "counted" as evangelism?
Evangelism can be as normal as asking great questions and paying attention to the people Jesus misses most. It involves doing things you already do, but with a little more intentionality. Just by being yourself and becoming unusually interested in others, you can discover that people will" ask you" about Jesus.
This isn't another program or pitch. It's a handbook on how to make real connections with the people formerly known as lost.
Think of it as evangelism for the rest of us.

About the Author

DAVE MCNEELY is the dean of the Texas Capitol press corps. A political writer for the Austin American-Statesman for twenty-six years, he continues to write a syndicated political column for Texas newspapers.

PETE GREIG is a theology graduate and church planter based in Guildford, England. Listed by "Relevant" magazine as one of the top 50 'Revolutionary Leaders' of his generation, he cofounded the 24-7 Prayer community in 1999, which has touched more than a third of the nations on earth. Thanks to an innovative approach to mission and Christian spirituality, the 24-7 Prayer movement has attracted the attention of magazines from "Reader's Digest" to "Rolling Stone".

Praise For…

Praise for
a.k.a. “Lost”

“Jim Henderson is a voice for normalized evangelism–heretofore an oxymoron. Henderson has given value back to each Christian’s ordinary attempts to simply shine the light of Christ in our everyday encounters, encouraging us to act in faithfulness and put the results in God’s hands.”
–Lynne Marian, executive editor of Outreach Magazine

“I can think of no other book that rings as true with what is really happening in the post-Christian generations. Jim Henderson writes from the vantage point of being among the very people most Christians have distanced themselves from and don’t understand. Get several copies of a.k.a. ‘Lost’ and share them with people in your church.”
–Dan Kimball, pastor, author of The Emerging Church and Emerging Worship

“If you have a heart for extending the kingdom of God, this book will both challenge and encourage you to make a difference on planet earth for eternity. And it will take your thinking and turn it on its ear.”
–Steve Sjogren, conference speaker, author of Conspiracy of Kindness

“Jim Henderson has said it well: Ordinary attempts are never ordinary when they are done in the name of Jesus Christ. This truly is a movement–a movement that will result in extraordinary results as God uses us in our everyday lives to bring home the people He misses most.”
–Dr. David Foster, senior pastor of Bellevue Community Church, Nashville, Tennessee, and author of Accept No Mediocre Life

“By reading a.k.a. ‘Lost,’ perhaps you’ll become the answer to somebody’s first fledgling prayers: ‘God, please help me find someone to talk to about my questions and doubts...’”
–Brian McLaren, pastor, author of A New Kind of Christian and The Church on the Other Side

“Jim Henderson hopes to help Christians become the kindest people on earth.
Those who read this delightful, honest, and funny book will be taking a good
first step. Those who take its wisdom to heart might just get there.”
–Christine Wicker, award-winning journalist, author of God Knows My Heart: Finding a Faith That Fits

“In his journey into real conversations with real people, Jim Henderson has come to some fascinating and useful conclusions. Check out a.k.a. ‘Lost’ to join the journey and get some great, down-to-earth, practical advice.”
–Todd Hunter, national director of Alpha-USA, former national director of Vineyard-USA

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