Blameless (Paperback)

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Is it possible to find unconditional love in a world of expectations?

Professor Joseph Barnes is attractive, intelligent, and successful–beloved by both his students and fellow university faculty. Despite her professional reservations, Alexis, the dean of Joe’s college, finds herself drawn to him and recognizes his interest in her.
But when Joe’s career begins to crumble, Alexis has to decide whether or not to rescue Joe from his circumstances. If she does save him, how can she be sure he loves her for herself–and not for what she can do for him? Can she fight the ghosts of the past that haunt them both?
Three well-intentioned friends and an ambitious department secretary complicate the delicate situation between Alexis and Joe in this modern retelling of the biblical story of Job. Thoughtful and clever, Blameless asks, what does it mean to love without expectations? And in the midst of losing it all, is it possible to find everything you’ve been looking for?

About the Author

Jan Beazely is the author of "The Strength of Mercy" and cofounder of All God's Children International, a licensed, non-profit Christian adoption and relief ministry that began in 1991 after the Beazely family adopted a child from Romania. In her extensive travels to Bulgaria, Jan has heard much of the account of King Boris' daring rescue firsthand from the remaining royal family.
Thom Lemmons has published numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, including "Sunday Clothes "and the best-selling "Jabez: A Novel," He is the managing director of ACU Press, owned by Abilene Christian University.
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ISBN: 9781400071746
ISBN-10: 1400071747
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Publication Date: March 20th, 2007
Pages: 247
Language: English