Who Will Run the Frog Hospital (Paperback)

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The summer Berie was fifteen, she and her best friend Sils had jobs at Storyland in upstate New York, where Berie sold tickets to see the beautiful Sils portray Cinderella in a strapless evening gown. They spent their breaks smoking, joking, and gossiping. After work they followed their own reckless rules, teasing the fun out of small town life, sleeping in the family station wagon, and drinking borrowed liquor from old mayonnaise jars. But no matter how wild, they always managed to escape any real danger until the adoring Berie sees that Sils really does need her help and then everything changes.
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ISBN: 9781400033829
ISBN-10: 1400033829
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: April 13th, 2004
Pages: 160
Language: English