2000+ Essential Italian Verbs: The Easiest Way to Master Verbs and Speak Fluently [With CDROM] (Paperback)

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Great news Whether you re learning Italian for school, work, or just for fun, " 2,000+ Essential Italian Verbs" makes verb conjugation simple. Conquer the essentials of fluent Italian conversation: tenses, irregular verbs, usage, and prepositions. Inside you'll find: 2,000+ Italian verbs in alphabetical order Clear charts showing ALL major tenses, regular and irregular verb forms Sample sentences to show verbs in action Clear, concise English explanations of tense formation 40 engaging dialogues and 80 practice exercises to bring verbs to life English-Italian verb glossary.

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ISBN: 9781400020973
ISBN-10: 1400020972
Publisher: Living Language
Publication Date: July 19th, 2005
Pages: 430
Language: English