The Money Anxiety Cure: A Path to Financial Wellbeing (Paperback)

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By Koorosh Ostowari, Ron Kaufman (Foreword by)
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Did you know that we have become, both personally and collectively, increasingly engaged in a modern epidemic known as money anxiety disorder, eroding our self-confidence, our relationships, and our vision of the future? It can be triggered by negative events - fluctuations on Wall Street, a job loss, divorce, and even health issues. It can also be triggered by positive changes in our lives - the birth of a new child, marriage, or graduating high school or college. And even when our lives are stable, many of us suffer from an underlying anxiety of simply staying on budget and saving for retirement. The good news is we don't have to be at the mercy of it. By learning practical financial exercises and incorporating mindfulness and somatic practices in this book, we can create a more healthy relationship with our money and be on a path to financial wellbeing. Koorosh is dedicated to the practice of cultivating mindfulness, alleviating anxiety, and helping his clients and students maintain balance and achieve financial wellbeing.

Praise For…

“Many suffer from money anxiety disorder, a chronic fear that manifests in physical symptoms. Ostowari offers a solution to this disorder, and it’s not what you would expect. Instead, it’s about how you respond to money – using mindfulness, gratitude, and generosity. Ostowari’s advice can help, and the techniques described in this book can also be used to deal with any other aspects of your life causing stress.”
– San Francisco Book Review

“This innovative and important book helps readers increase their prosperity in challenging times, while also alleviateing their anxiety about finances. With his feet on the ground and in words coming right from his heart, Koorosh Ostowari shows how to open yourself up to life’s true gems: gratitude, generosity, and inner peace.”
– Rick Hanson, Ph.D, NY Times Bestselling author of Buddha’s Brain

“This is as much a book about Buddhism and its place in our lives today as it is about how to handle the (self imposed mostly) pressures of living in a materialistic culture where it is often how many "things' you have that determines ones value. At any rate, I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with money anxiety (most of us) and also to those with an interest in Buddhist philosophy. A fabulous integrative text!! Kudos to the author. A welcome addition to the modern Buddhist and financial library.”
– Ricky Fishman

“Koorosh presents a uniquely balanced approach to money and prosperity that embraces many of the tenets of the "Middle Path". Over the past several years, I have taken Korrosh's advice and implemented it in a practical way, and I can tell you, emphatically, that it works. I am confident that anyone, no matter what their financial situation may look like, can benefit from reading this book.”
– Heather L. Morgan

“Koorosh Ostowari's brilliant "The Money Anxiety Cure" takes the reader far beyond simple how-to fixes for balancing budgets and doing effective planning. Instead, Ostowari uses examples from his unique life story, how he went from a young entrepreneur, to a seeker of both inner and material wealth, to create a blueprint for using the principles of Buddhist mindfulness for achieving financial goals. In addition, "The Money Anxiety Cure" ends each chapter with practical exercises that will help you achieve both inner peace and outer prosperity.”
– Brian Shields
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ISBN: 9780986446306
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Publisher: Koorosh Ostowari
Publication Date: March 1st, 2015
Pages: 198
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