The Years the Giants Won the Series: A Fan's Journal of the 2012 and 2010 World Series Seasons (Paperback)

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Who'd a thunk the San Francisco Giants would win two World Series titles in three years? After the team moved from New York to San Francisco in 1958, it took them 53 years to win their first title in 2010. The next one came only two years later. Who'd a thunk? Drawn from his personal journal, Joseph Sutton's observations of the two World Series seasons will bring back memories of how a collection of castoffs in 2010 and a young bunch of ballplayers in 2012 took the Giants to the pinnacle of the baseball world against all odds.

This book is also interwoven with the story of how baseball has influenced Sutton's relationship with his son Ray, and how it enhances the importance the game plays in cementing relationships between fathers and sons, and some daughters too.

About the Author

Sutton has worked as a deliveryman, a costume jewelry sales representative, and a high school teacher.
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ISBN: 9780982559895
ISBN-10: 0982559895
Publisher: Mad Dog Pub. Co.
Publication Date: May 2013
Language: English