T'Ai Chi Ch'uan: A Simplified Method of Calisthenics for Health and Self-Defense (Paperback)

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This is the original classic about Short Form, the most popular and widespread form of T'ai Chi in the West." T'ai Chi Ch'uan" is a must-read for every serious T'ai Chi student. This book is not meant to "teach" T'ai Chi Ch'uan, but meant to expound upon its meaning to the earnest practitioner; to offer the layperson a glimpse into this ancient art; and to communicate the author's unique perceptions and experiences that only a lifetime of practice can cultivate. Taken in this context, this is a most valuable book.

About the Author

The late Cheng Man-ch'ing was an international authority on T'ai Chi and wrote two earlier books on the topic.

Robert W. Smith is also the author of "The Secrets of Shaolin Temple Boxing" and "A Complete Guide to Judo". He lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Praise For…

"T'ai Chi Ch'uan as an art form of self-defense must completely spurn both physical bravery and muscular force. One is told that 'in any action, the whole body must be made as light and free-moving as possible;' so light that 'the addition of a feather will be felt for its weight, and so free-moving that a fly cannot alight on it without setting it in motion.'"
-Cheng Man-Ch'ing

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Publication Date: January 11th, 1993
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