Gigi in America: Sequel to Gigi: The Story of a Merry-Go-Round Horse (Paperback)

By Elizabeth Foster, Phyllis N. Cote (Illustrator)
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Gigi was a very unusual merry-go-round horse. His mother was a pine tree and his father the wind that sweeps through the Vienna woods. But when Gigi came to the merry-go-round in the park in Vienna, he was quite frightened and shied at the gold ring. The children wouldn't ride him until Lili helped him jump for the rings, and he became the favorite horse of all, even of the little prince. These days were to happy to last. When World War I came, the merry-go-round horses were disbanded, and Gigi, and alone and sad at being parted from Lili, found himself in Paris where he learned to speak French and was sold again to a man from England. How Gigi escaped from the junk man in the Caledonia Market in London, came to America, travelled the Maine coast with a band of gypsies, and met his beloved Lili again in New York's Central Park, brings his travels to a mysterious and heart-warming conclusion.

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ISBN: 9780913028698
ISBN-10: 091302869X
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: January 29th, 1993
Pages: 123
Language: English