Healing Energy of Your Hands (Paperback)

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THE HEALING ENERGY OF YOUR HANDS demystifies the art of healing. Beginning with a basic explanation of the nature of healing energy, illness, and the role of the mind in the healing process, Bradford offers techniques so simple that anyone, even a child, can work with healing energy. The author'-'s intention is that anyone using his book can awaken his or her natural healing talents quickly and easily.
Topics include sensing energy, clearing energy blockages, eliminating negative self-talk, using affirmations, balancing the chakras, cleansing the auric field, relieving pain, and creating forgiveness.

About the Author

DAVID L. BRADFORD is Senior Lecturer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and an active management consultant. ALLAN R. COHEN is Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculty at Babson College. He is the editor of The Portable MBA in Management, also available from Wiley. Professors Bradford and Cohen are the authors of Influence Without Authority.
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ISBN: 9780895947819
ISBN-10: 0895947811
Publisher: Crossing Press
Publication Date: September 1995
Pages: 224
Language: English