A Pioneer Alphabet (Paperback)

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A is for Abigail and Anna, Zebediah’s two sisters. He is making them an alphabet book.

From B, which stands for bandalore, a forerunner of the yoyo, H for the hornbook that taught children to spell, and on through the pigeons that blackened the sky, to the uniform that Papa wore when he defended the king, right through to X for the eXhaustion of parents who are homesteading. This lovely romp through the seasons on a pioneer farm is full of fascinating information.

Artist Mary Jane Gerber has placed numerous items in each of her paintings and detailed borders, and there is a useful list of them for readers to find. Author Mary Alice Downie has included detailed background notes, making this a sweet introduction to our history.

About the Author

Mary Alice Downie has written and edited 28 books for children and adults. Her many books include "And Some Brought Flowers" with Mary Hamilton, and "The Well-Filled Cupboard" with Barbara Robertson. She lives in Kingston, Ontario.

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Publication Date: October 13th, 2009
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