Creating HDR Photos: The Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Photography (Paperback)

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Since the days of the first photographs, artists have used various techniques to extend the range of lights and darks in their photos. Photographic masters such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston spent countless hours burning and dodging their prints to create images with extended dynamic range.
With the advent of digital photography, new horizons in extending dynamic range are possible. HDR techniques now make it easy to extend the dynamic range of an image well beyond the capability of the human eye.
In "Creating HDR Photos," bestselling author Harold Davis covers the complete HDR workflow, from choosing the subjects that work best for HDR through processing RAW files to unlock the dynamic power of HDR. You'll learn how to photograph multiple exposures and blend them into a single HDR image using various software programs. Best of all, you will find out how to control the style of your HDR images, from subtle to hyper-real, using a range of photographic and post-processing techniques.
Packed with stunning image examples, "Creating HDR Photos" brings this essential digital technique within every photographer's grasp.

About the Author

Harold Davis has one purpose in life: to inspire you to live to your highest health, wealth, and spiritual potential. He has dedicated his life to teaching the success principles that empower you to recognize the true power that is within you. He firmly believes you can and will improve your life with the help of the "One Year Plan ." But you must make a choice: to apply its Principles to your life & business. Harold will inspire you to use your personal power. In his view, personal power is about your ability to see through all the illusions you encounter in your life, to decide what you really want to experience in your life, and then take the actions to realize your highest potential. Central to Harold's work has been the theme that one has the potential to grow, expand, and contribute to others no less than to oneself, simply by applying the right Principles (Universal Laws). Harold is an author, public speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur. He has searched for and found Universal Principles that will make a positive difference in your life & business. He has banked his life and success on it.
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