The Art of Resin Clay: Techniques for Creating Jewelry and Decorative Objects (Paperback)

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Discover the Creative Possibilities of Resin Clay
Imagine being able to imitate the look of rare coral, create oversized but featherweight statement jewelry, or mix clay with other mediums—all without firing. The Art of Resin Clay explores the creative potential of this material, in both air-dry and two-part formulas, and guides you through everything you’ll need to get started: 
•         Information on choosing the right kind of resin clay, essential tools and techniques, and safety guidelines
•         Tips for mixing colors, finishing, and adding jewelry findings
•         20 projects covering a variety of creative techniques
•         Galleries of work by influential artists and crafts designers who use this versatile material

About the Author

Sherri Haab is the best-selling author of "The Hip Handbag Book, Designer Style Jewelry," and many other titles. More than 2.5 million copies of her books are in print worldwide. Visit her on the web at

Michelle Haab is Sherri Haab's daughter. Though still in her teens, she has been crafting about the same length of time as she has been walking. Mother and daughter live in Springville, Utah.

Barbara Pollack is an illustrator and painter whose work has appeared in "Seventeen," "Girl's Life,"" The Wall Street Journal,"" "and many other publications. She lives in San Francisco.

Rachel Haab is the author of "The Hip Handbag Book" and "The Incredible Clay Book."

Michelle Haab is a teenager who has been crafting since she was a toddler. She has worked with Sherri as a craft developer for many books and is the co-author of Dangles and Bangles (WG, 2005). In addition to making fun creations to accessorize her wardrobe and room, she enjoys making films and is one of her high school's cinematographers.
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ISBN: 9780823027231
ISBN-10: 0823027236
Publisher: Potter Craft
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2011
Pages: 144
Language: English