How Dinosaurs Took Flight: The Fossils, the Science, What We Think We Know, and the Mysteries Yet Unsolved (Library Binding)

By Christopher Sloan, Xu Xing (Foreword by)
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How did dinosaurs get feathers? How did they start flying? What use were feathers to dinosaurs that didn't fly? Chris Sloan's 2000 book Feathered Dinosaurs introduced kids to the radical idea that some dinosaurs had feathers and that birds are, in fact, a subset of dinosaurs. In How Dinosaurs Took Flight, Sloan returns to these ancient feathered creatures to introduce kids to the fascinating new finds—including a Tyrannosaur with feathers and a dinosaur with not just two but four wings. The author focuses on the tough new questions scientists are asking right now, the evidence they've gathered, the hypotheses that are developing from the evidence, and the unknowns that remain. This book will be the most up-to-date children's book on this topic on the market.

About the Author

Christopher Sloan is Senior Editor for Art at "National Geographic magazine, where he guides the work of artists on projects ranging from dinosaurs to the frontiers of space. He is also the magazine's specialist for paleobiology. Sloan is the author of several children's books.

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ISBN: 9780792274049
ISBN-10: 0792274040
Publisher: National Geographic Society
Publication Date: October 2005
Pages: 64
Language: English