Trudeau Transformed: The Shaping of a Statesman 1944-1965 (Paperback)

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This groundbreaking biography, now in paperback, continues the story begun in "Young Trudeau," taking Canada's legendary Prime Minister from his pro-fascist youth all the way to his entry into federal politics as a crusading Liberal democrat.
When he went to Harvard in 1944, Pierre Trudeau was twenty-five, a recent graduate of the University of Montreal Law School; true to his elite Catholic-French education, he had been till recently pro-fascist, and he disliked democracy. Years of graduate study at Harvard, then the Sorbonne, then the London School of Economics exposed him to new ideas, as did his hitchhiking travels around the world. Returned to Quebec as a new man, he engaged in educating workers and other jobs that made him a famous defender of federal democracy. He entered Parliament in 1965, within three years of rocketing, Obama-like, to the very top.

About the Author

Max and Monique Nemni are retired university professors who spent most of their working lives in Quebec. They were friends of Trudeau, who encouraged them to become the editors of "Cité Libre "and agreed to let them write his intellectual biography. The authors have both been much published in academic publications in both English and in French. They now live in Toronto.

Praise For…

Praise for Young Trudeau: 1919-1944
"I was extremely shocked." -- Lysiane Gagnon, Globe and Mail

"Stunning... The book offers a counterpoint to Mr. Trudeau's image as the federalist bulwark of liberal values." -- Globe and Mail

"Mesmerizing fun to read.... The Nemnis' book is one of the truly great contributions to Canadian political history." -- National Post

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