How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love (Paperback)

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""Thick. Heavy. Big-boned. Plump. Full-figured. Chunky. Womanly."" To Emery Jackson, these phrases are just nice euphemisms for the big "F" word of "fat." But to her workout fiend dad, underwear model sister, and former Laker Girls mother, they are unacceptable states of being.

Emery's cash-strapped family's solution? Signing up for a reality TV show in which Emery will have to lose fifty pounds in fifty days in order to win a million dollars.

As the pounds start to drop and the ratings skyrocket, Emery feels the weight of success. And she must figure out how to turn the truths she uncovers--about beauty, love, fame, and family--into the keys to more than just fortune.

About the Author

Ken Baker is also the author of Cow Can t Sleep, illustrated by Steve Gray, and Brave Little Monster, illustrated by Geoffrey Hayes. Ken grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now lives in Utah with his family. He enjoys attending writers workshops and conferences and presenting his books at schools. Learn more:
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ISBN: 9780762450145
ISBN-10: 0762450142
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2014
Pages: 269
Language: English