Real-size Baby Animals (Hardcover)

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"Includes full-page gatefolds "

Compare, measure and marvel at the amazing sizes and shapes of baby animals from the cupcake-sized Emperor penguin chick to the clumsy three-foot tall elephant calf. Find out fun facts about animal families and lifestyles -- how many siblings they have, the groups they live in, and their habitats. "Life-size Baby Animals" includes a wealth of absorbing facts kids can take away to impress school pals and teachers alike.Big bites of information alongside feature boxes and snappy facts ignite the curiosity of young readersPull-outs, notes, and captions reveal the changes in fur, coloring, and anatomy that occur as animals growAmazing images grab attention while the lively writing style, fun facts, and text provide plenty to absorbEach spread shows a measuring scale and actual-sized animal fea tures so youngsters can see for themselves how small the animals are at birth and how big they growMeasurements of humans and familiar objects are given to aid comparison.

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ISBN: 9780756690120
Publisher: DK CHILDREN
Publication Date: April 16th, 2012
Pages: 32