Jews in Britain (Paperback)

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The Jewish community is the oldest ethnic minority in the country. This book tells the epic story of Jews in Britain over a thousand years. Many came as wealthy traders - others as desperate refugees. Sometimes they were feared and had to lead secret lives. At other times they stood shoulder to shoulder against threats to the British way of life, including the Nazis. The impact of Jewish culture on daily life, including words and food, as well as the contribution of notable Jewish businessmen, politicians and artists, is all highlighted.

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Leventhal is Vice President for Technology at GRIF

Richard Goldstein writes for "The New York Times", where he also worked as an editor. His previous books include "America at D-Day; Desperate Hours: The Epic Rescue of the Andrea Doria; Spartan Seasons: How Baseball Survived the Second World War;" and "Mine Eyes Have Seen: A First-Person History of the Events That Shaped America."
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ISBN: 9780747812302
ISBN-10: 0747812306
Publisher: Shire Publications
Publication Date: May 21st, 2013
Pages: 64
Language: English