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Slipware has been one of the most popular types of pottery in Britain since its introduction over four centuries ago. By the seventeenth century the decoration of pottery with slip, or clay mixed to a creamy consistency, had become widespread and the technique was perfected by the potters of England and Wales. Although confined largely to the lower end of the social spectrum, their simple but lively decoration, together with their relatively low price, guaranteed their place amongst the domestic wares of families for almost three centuries. This book is the perfect introduction to the variety of slipware designs in England and Wales, explaining the industry by which it is produced, and highlighting some of the most important centers of production in the country.

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Barker is a graduate biologist with experience with amphibians and reptil es. David has an expansive herpetological background including training and work in zoo herpetological collections, museum collections and field research. He owns Vida Preciosa International, Inc., the largest and most diverse collection of pythons in the world.
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ISBN: 9780747802211
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Publisher: Shire Publications
Publication Date: July 21st, 2009
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