The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits (Hardcover)

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"He would answer to Hi or to any loud cry, "
"Such as Fry me or Fritter my wig To What-you-may-call-um or What-was-his name "
"But especially Thing-um-a-jig "
"While, for those who preferred a more forcible word, "
"He had different names from these: His intimate friends called him Candle-ends, And his enemies Toasted-cheese. "
" His form is ungainly his intellect small "
"(So the Bellman would often remark)"
" But his courage is perfect And that, after all, Is the thing that one needs with a Snark. "
"He would joke with hyenas, returning their stare"
"With an impudent wag of the head: And he once went a walk, paw-in-paw, with a bear, "
" Just to keep up its spirits, he said."

"The Hunting of the Snark" is Lewis Carroll's epic nonsense poem, first published in 1876. Though Carroll's peculiar wit and imagination are evident here, this work, unlike his earlier "Alice" books, is a much darker tale. Here, ten characters whose names begin with the letter B disappear, go mad, and find themselves struggling to navigatean impossible path through a nonsensical world. Throughout the poem thereis a prevailing atmosphere of disorder and chaos, heightened by Carroll's descriptions of grotesque creatures such as the Bandersnatch and the Jubjub bird and his characteristic use of invented words such as uffish, beamish, and frumious.

The meaning of the poem, and of the Snark itself, has been the subject of much debate, but nevertheless it remains a fun and lively read thanks to its combination of strangeness and whimsy. This new facsimile edition of the 1876 riginal is richly bound in red cloth with gold embossing and features reproductions of the original illustrations by Henry Holiday. This edition of the "The Hunting of the Snark" will be a treasured gift and collector's item for fanciful readers of all ages.

About the Author

Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, an English writer, mathematician, Anglican deacon, and photographer. Best known for his classics Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and Jabberwocky, Carroll was also an accomplished inventor who created an early version of what is today known as Scrabble. The publication of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland in 1865 brought Carroll a certain level of fame, although he continued to supplement his income through his work as a mathematics tutor at Christ Church, Oxford College. Carroll s whimsical characters and nonsensical verse resonated with Victorian-era readers, and his books continue to be enjoyed by numerous modern societies dedicated to his promoting his works.

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“With the release of this gorgeous facsimile edition, readers today can experience the poem just as Victorian readers did. This story of a chaotic quest is a delight in any format, but here, bound in a vivid red-and-gold cover, the poem isn’t the only work of art, the book is too.”—Los Angeles Times

“A fabulous poem—hilarity and wit,
a balance of pleasure and peril,
was writ by none other, in piqué or in fit,
than the beloved Lewis Carroll. A reproduction more lovingly made
has doubtful ever been seen.
Imprinted with gold of the highest grade,
Most households will need seventeen.”—New City

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Publication Date: January 2011
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