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Dreams can set you free -- or imprison you forever....

The acclaimed author of The Shift and Contraband delivers a brilliant new novel set in an edgy future where nothing is more dangerous than a dream....

Slocum had it all: the perfect family, the perfect home, and the perfect job with X-Corp Multimedia -- a major producer of interactive virtual-reality entertainment. In a world divided between protected enclaves of luxury and blighted, decaying landscapes, the ubiquitous 3-D telecasts over the Flash hold millions in thrall with their packaged, programmed dreams.

Once Slocum helped devise those dreams, until his career at X-Corp self-destructed and with it his marriage. Now his world has shrunk to a tiny sloop berthed in the dingy harbor of a dying New England seafaring town, where the main attraction is a virtual-whaling theme park. In his solitary cabin he studies the legendary Smuggler's Bible and dreams of sailing off to a life of freedom.

Then an enormous ocean liner docks beside him in the harbor: a floating palace of glittering wealth and mystery, with a single enigmatic passenger, a woman who restlessly walks the decks as if unable to leave the ship. For Slocum -- rejected by his wife and daughter, hounded by his vengeful employers, harassed by the town police, his credit cut off, his funds running out -- the alluring woman soon becomes his sole hope of escape. Only by learning her terrifying secret can he free her from her gilded captivity ... and realize his own dreams -- which, in a world of mass-produced fantasy, is the most forbidden pursuit of all.

About the Author

George Foy is the author of many novels, some written under a pseudonym and published by small presses, as well as one non-fiction book. The fiction titles under his name include "Blues for Nansen", "To Sleep With Ghosts", "Hard Bottom", and "Mettle". He was born in Cape Cod.

Foy, who holds a 100-ton master's license from the U.S. Coast Guard, has worked as an officer on coastal freighters in the British merchant navy, and has captained fishing boats out of Chatham, Mass. He keeps his hand in matters maritime by working on friends' fishing boats and sailing on a family sloop. He has been an investigative reporter, writer, and/or editor for the Cape Cod "Register", the Cape Cod "Times", the "International Herald Tribune", and "Business Week". His articles, reviews, and stories have been published by "Rolling Stone", the "Boston Globe", "Harper's", and "Men's Journal".

Foy teaches creative writing at New York University. He was educated at the London School of Economics, and Bennington College. He and his wife Liz have two kids, Emilie and Alexandre. Foy splits his time between Cape Cod, Cambridge, and New York.

Praise For…

“A style that imitates the sensory experience of 3-D.”
Publishers Weekly

“Hemingway meets magical realism.”

“A storyteller who, like Conrad, can compress into a tale you can’t put down all the complexities of time and place.”
— Doris Lessing

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ISBN: 9780553379310
ISBN-10: 0553379313
Publisher: Spectra Books
Publication Date: June 26th, 2001
Pages: 288
Language: English