A New Day: 365 Meditations for Personal and Spiritual Growth (Paperback)

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"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journeytoward it, casts the shadow of our burden behindus."--Samuel Smiles.

In 365daily meditations, here is spiritual andpsychological guidance through the interior struggles weface every day. Drawn from the author's ownpersonal growth over the last decade, each page of"A New Day" addresses a specificstruggle--overcoming fear, compulsion, obsessivelove, addiction--and offers practical advice thatwill set you on the path to self-improvement. Ineach daily meditation the author uses a quote froma wide range of inspirational sources--from KahilGibran and Thomas Merton to Emily Dickinson andErich From-m-to crystallize insights for thereader. Thoughts for a new day.

Onself-confidence: "Never bend you head, alwayshold it high. Look the world straight in theface."--Helen Keller.

On peace of mind: "When we are unable to find tranquillity withinourselves it is useless to seek itelsewhere."--Duc de La Rochefoucauld.

Onadversity: "Adversity introduces a man tohimself."--Anonymous.

"Liveeach day as if your life had justbegun."--Goethe.

For anyone who seeks ahealthier, more satisfying life, here is a book ofinvaluable wisdom that will help you rediscoveryour life day by day.

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Publication Date: December 1st, 1988
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