Bodily Harm (Mass Market Paperback)

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A powerful and brilliantly crafted new novel from the author of "Surfacing, Life Before Man, The Edible Woman," and "Lady Oracle." "Bodily Harm" is the story of Rennie Wilford, a young journalist whose life has begun to shatter around the edges. Rennie Wilford flies to the Caribbean to recuperate, and on the tiny island of St. Antoine, she is confronted by a world where her rules for survival no longer apply. By turns comic, satiric, relentless, and terrifying, Margaret Atwood's new novel is ultimately an exploration of the lust for power both sexual and political, and the need for compassion that goes beyond what we ordinarily mean by love.
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ISBN: 9780553274554
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: March 1st, 1983