Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings (Mass Market Paperbound)

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Considered one of English literature’s first and greatest satirists, Jonathan Swift possessed a timeless genius for pointing out the foibles of human nature that still has the power to provoke, amuse, and, at times, even outrage
our modern sensibilities. This representative collection of Swift’s major writings includes the complete Gulliver’s Travels as well as A Tale of a Tub, “The Battle of the Books,” “A Modest Proposal,” “An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity,” “The Bickerstaff Papers,” and many more of his brilliantly satirical works. Here too are selections from Swift’s poetry and portions of his Journal to Stella. Swift’s savage ridicule, corrosive wit, and sparkling humor are fully displayed in this comprehensive collection.

About the Author

Poet, satirist, political pamphleteer and clergyman, Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) had a rich literary lineage that could boast of the likes of John Dryden and Sir Walter Raleigh. Early in his career, Swift published his works either anonymously or under pen-names. He wrote under his own name only after he had become an established author and commentator. He was a master of sarire, and employed this technique brilliantly in works such as A Tale of a Tub, A Modest Proposal, and Gulliver's Travels.
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ISBN: 9780553212327
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Publisher: Bantam Classics
Publication Date: September 1984
Pages: 535
Language: English