Jude the Obscure (Mass Market Paperbound)

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In 1895 Hardy's final novel, the great tale of Jude the Obscure," " sent shock waves of indignation rolling across Victorian England. Hardy had dared to write frankly about sexuality and to indict the institutions of marriage, education, and religion. But he had, in fact, created a deeply moral work. The stonemason Jude Fawley is a dreamer; his is a tragedy of unfulfilled aims. With his tantalizing cousin Sue Bridehead, the last and most extraordinary of Hardy's heroines, Jude takes on the world and discovers, tragically, its brutal indifference.
The most powerful expression of Hardy's philosophy, and a profound exploration of man's essential loneliness, Jude the Obscure is a great and beautiful book. His style touches sublimity. T. S. Eliot.

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"His style touches sublimity."—T.S. Eliot

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ISBN: 9780553211917
ISBN-10: 0553211919
Publisher: Bantam Classics
Publication Date: March 1985
Pages: 528
Language: English
Series: Bantam Classics