Going Nowhere Fast: Step Off Life's Treadmills and Find Peace of Mind (Paperback)

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The bestselling coauthor of Smart Women, Foolish Choices offers his insights on the never-ending quest to finding fulfillment.

Are you caught on an endless treadmill of success? In Going Nowhere Fast, Dr. Melvyn Kinder, bestselling author of Women Men Love, Women Men Leave, identifies the essential issues we build treadmills around: money, romance, marriage, and parenting. By pursuing perfection in these areas, we create incessant demands on our time and attention. The energy we expend in satisfying these demands takes away from answering our real needs. The results are anxiety, chronic dissatisfaction, exhaustion, and loss of self-esteem--the very things we're trying to avoid.

In Going Nowhere Fast, Dr. Kinder shows us how to break the treadmill cycle and learn to tap into our inner selves to enjoy the life we have worked so hard to create--a life with the potential to be much richer and more deeply rewarding than any we could have set out to capture.

"Just the right outlook for Recession-era reading. Dr. Melvyn Kinder redefines the notion of settling for less--whether the commodity be money, looks, powers, or a handful of other things people strive for--and talks about giving up the destructive quest for the Perfect Self."--Los Angeles Times
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ISBN: 9780449906651
ISBN-10: 0449906655
Publisher: Fawcett Books
Publication Date: October 19th, 1991
Pages: 292
Language: English