The Scary States of America (Paperback)

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Aliens, ghosts, and monsters haunt the pages of this eerie trip around the Scary States of America. With Jason Specter the nation's unofficial collector of all things paranormalNas your guide meet the girl in Illinois who can start fires with her mind, the Skunk Ape of Florida that knocks victims flat with its stench, the mischievous Shadow People of Arkansas, the Jersey Devil, the extraterrestrials who take human organs as a souvenir of their trip to Washington, and the wailing ghost of a teenage girl trapped forever in an Oregon lighthouse. Some of these visitors from other worlds don't mean to hurt anyone . . . and some of them do.Warning: All of these stories are based on true events. Are you ready to face the terror in your state?

About the Author

Michael Teitelbaum has written hundreds of books for young readers, including tie-ins to Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Disney Movies.
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ISBN: 9780440421184
ISBN-10: 0440421187
Publisher: Yearling Books
Publication Date: July 10th, 2012
Pages: 404
Language: English