UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence (Mass Market Paperback)

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By Don Berliner, Whitley Streiber (Compiled by)
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From Government secret files...The report that shocked the Congress
The shattering report that stunned the world's top leaders now available to the public
Are UFOs in our midst? The evidence mounts....
1952. UFO squadrons over Washington, D.C. Tracked on radar. Visual sightings by military. Verdict: "Unexplainable."
1976. UFO dogfight with F-4 Phantom II jets over Tehran. Weapons "jammed." Radar/visual confirmation. Verdict: "Unavailable: Top Secret."
1981. UFO lands in Trans-en-Provence. Investigated by French police. Soil samples analyzed. Verdict: "UFO. No hoax."
Compiled here are the most compelling and authenticated UFO cases ever recorded. Fresh from the government's secret files, spanning over a half century of eyewitness testimony, documented sightings, and unexplained phenomena, this groundbreaking compilation presents the chilling evidence that UFOs are real--and that a government cover-up has long suppressed the stunning truth.
Complete with excerpts from official transcripts, diagrams, and photos, UFO Briefing Document, funded by Laurance Rockefeller and presented to Congress, contains critical information the public has a right to know....now, before it is too late.
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ISBN: 9780440236382
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: June 13th, 2000
Pages: 256