Four Corners of Night (Mass Market Paperbound)

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A twelve-year-old girl is snatched from the street where she lives. And for two cops, Mack Steiner and Bank Arbaugh--partners, best friends, fathers themselves--the girl's disappearance will hurtle them back through layers of friendship, memory, and loss. Because seven years before, Bank's own daughter vanished without a trace. And now, as police descend on the small midwestern city, as witnesses are grilled and evidence mounts, one case begins to illuminate the other. And for two men, a harrowing journey has begun--one that will test their long, complicated friendship and uncover a chilling truth about two missing girls, two shattered families, and at least one heartbreaking lie.

From the author The New York Times hails as "astonishing" comes a spellbinding blend of raw tension and human drama--a masterpiece of suspense that races toward a devastating climax...then jolts us again with a final, unforgettable twist.

Praise For…

"A compelling and heartbreaking story that is as much about family ties and loyalty as it is about catching a criminal."
--Chicago Tribune

"Craig Holden writes like a dream."
--The Washington Post

"Absorbing...[a] tense, thoughtful thriller...makes you feel just the right amount of fear."
--The New York Times

"A spine-tingling read...leaves us breathless."
--Detroit Free Press

"Part wrenching family drama...part tough procedural...delivers a punch in both its harrowing story and its carefully rendered prose."
--The Seattle Times

"Thought-provoking and sophisticated...builds to an exciting and shocking ending that is almost guaranteed to take you by surprise."
--The Denver Post

"A talented writer...a multilayered morality tale about the breakdown of trust between husband and wife, parent and child, friend and friend."
--The New York Times Book Review

"One grand surprise after another...Intelligent, splendid...[with] more twists and turns than a mountain trail."
--Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

--The Orlando Sentinel

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ISBN: 9780440224747
ISBN-10: 0440224748
Publisher: Island
Publication Date: October 11th, 1999
Pages: 416
Language: English