The Art of Worldly Wisdom (Hardcover)

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The remarkable best-seller -- a long-lost, 300-year-old book of wisdom on how to live successfully yet responsibly in a society governed by self-interest -- as acute as Machiavelli yet as humanistic and scrupulously moral as Marcus Aurelius.

About the Author

Baltasar Gracian was an aphorist, imaginary biographer, and novelist, who published studies of ideal figures and handbooks on the arts of rhetoric and comportment. His books include "The Hero, Shrewdness and the Art of the Artist, The Art of Worldly Wisdom, "and "The Master Critic." Many high officials felt attacked by the controversial and critical works of this Jesuit priest-professor. Gracian refused to be censored, and was eventually confined to solitary house arrest, where he died.

Christopher Maurer, professor of Spanish and chair of Romance Studies at Boston University, is the author of eight books, including the award-winning "Fortune's Favorite Child: The Uneasy Life of Walter Anderson".
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ISBN: 9780385421317
ISBN-10: 0385421311
Publisher: Crown Business
Publication Date: December 1991
Pages: 208
Language: English