Reasons Mommy Drinks (Paperback)

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A wickedly funny look at the challenges of new parenthood.
With cocktail recipes.
Being a new mom is "AHHHH WHAT HAVE I DONE?" hard. Why are all these tiny clothes so expensive? Who wrote these mind-numbing board books? Will Mommy ever carry a purse again that's not a diaper bag? And how is she even functioning off so little sleep?
"Reasons Mommy Drinks" is a fresh, insightful, and hilarious collection of the various struggles faced by new parents--from mommy groups and single-people envy to the end of maternity leave--with a well-deserved cocktail recipe to go with each one. This must-have resource will help sleep-deprived new moms survive the baby years with their sense of humor, if not their lives as they once knew them, intact.

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ISBN: 9780385349291
ISBN-10: 0385349297
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)
Publication Date: September 10th, 2013
Pages: 223
Language: English