Letting Everything Become Your Teacher: 100 Lessons in Mindfulness (Paperback)

By Hor Tuck Loon (Compiled by), Jon Kabat-Zinn (Compiled by)
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Yes, there actually "is" a way to let everything become your teacher, to let life itself, and everything that unfolds within it, the "full catastrophe" of the human condition in the words of Zorba the Greek, shape your ongoing development and maturation. Millions have followed this path to greater sanity, balance, and well-being, often in the face of huge stress, pain, uncertainty, sorrow, and illness.
In his landmark book, Full Catastrophe Living," " Jon Kabat-Zinn shared this innovative approach, known as "mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)," with the world. Now, in this companion volume, 100 pointers from that groundbreaking work have been carefully selected to inspire you to embrace what is deepest and best and most beautiful in yourself.
Whether you are trying to learn patience, cope with pain, deal with the enormous stress and challenges of the age we live in, improve your relationships, or free yourself from destructive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, these deceptively simple meditations will remind you that you have deep inner resources to draw upon, the most important of which is the present moment itself. Regardless of your age or whether you are familiar with the healing power of mindfulness, this insightful, inspirational guide will help you to honor, embrace, learn from, and grow into each moment of your life.

About the Author

Daniel Rechtschaffen, a Marriage and Family Therapist, has a master's degree in counseling psychology. He founded the Mindful Education Institute and the Omega Mindfulness in Education conference, has developed a variety of curricula for mindfulness in the classroom, and leads mindfulness trainings for schools and communities around the world.
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Publication Date: April 28th, 2009
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