Wild Steps of Heaven (Paperback)

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In his critically acclaimed bestseller "Rain of Gold," Victor Villase-or brought his mother's family vividly to life. In "Wild Steps Of Heaven," he turns to his father's family, the Villase-ors. Against a vivid backdrop of love and war, magic and heroism, the author breathes life into his father's people--and in particular, the Villase-or women*Margarita, the indomitable matriarch who was swept away by Don Juan Jesus Villase-or on the eve of the Mexican revolution*their beautiful daughters, who find strength and endurance in their mother's faith, and searing passion amidst the turmoil of war. But it is little Juan, the youngest son, through whose eyes this tumultuous saga unfolds. Juan would learn from his brother Jose, a hero of the revolution, how to be a man; and from his beloved mother, how to live and love con gusto y amor.

A story of madness and miracles, rage and redemption, In "Wild Steps Of Heaven" creates a riveting portrait of an extraordinary family and the country whose earth gave them roots.

About the Author

Victor Villasenor is the author of the nonfiction books Rain of Gold and Jury: The People vs. Juan Corona, and the novel, Macho! He has written several screenplays, including the award-winning The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez. Villasenor continues to live on the North County San Diego ranch where he grew up.
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ISBN: 9780385315692
ISBN-10: 0385315694
Publisher: Delta
Publication Date: February 7th, 1997
Pages: 304
Language: English