Mastering Sadhana: On Retreat with Anthony de Mello (Paperback)

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-In one's quest for God, one must realize that there is nothing to search for or attain. How can you search for what is right before your eyes? How can you attain what you already possess? What is called for here is not effort, but recognition.- -Anthony de Mello
A spiritual director of the first order, Anthony de Mello has touched countless persons worldwide through his bestselling books, the first of which was SADHANA: A WAY TO GOD. His deceptively simple teachings on prayer, meditation, and self-realization -- through his writings, workshops, retreats, and spiritual therapy courses -- have profoundly changed the lives of those who have experienced him.
In MASTERING SADHANA, a close friend and associate shares in detail not only personal reminiscences and conversations, but in fact de Mello's own words, as recorded by Valles during a fifteen-day retreat in India, which was the last conducted by Anthony de Mello. Here in essay form are teachings on love, suffering, the self and the non-self, change, awareness, role-playing, and more -- in sum, a guide to the SADHANA way of life.
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ISBN: 9780385245814
ISBN-10: 0385245815
Publisher: Galilee Trade
Publication Date: August 8th, 1998
Pages: 192
Language: English