The Boy Who Loved Words (Hardcover)

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By Roni Schotter, Giselle Potter (Illustrator)
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In this "Parents' Choice" Gold Award winning book, Selig collects words, ones that stir his heart ("Mama" ) and ones that make him laugh ("giggle"). But what to do with so many "luscious" words? After helping a poet find the perfect words for his poem ("lozenge," "lemon," and "licorice"), he figures it out: His purpose is to spread the word to others. And so he begins to "sprinkle," "disburse," and "broadcast" them to people in need.

About the Author

I was born in New York City and lived in an apartment building called The House of Joyful Living. On the roof there was an outdoor shower, a goldfish pond, some potted trees, a handball court, and a hawk s eye view of the buildings around us including the Empire State Building. With a mama and a papa all to myself, it seemed that we lived in paradise. Then my two sisters were born and we moved to an apartment in Brooklyn no goldfish pond, but from the six-story roof I could see the Statue of Liberty lifting its torch to me and the tall, gray smokestack of the nearby Pilgrim Laundry. When I was nine, my parents brought out a wooden puzzle map of the United States and tried to show my sisters and I where we were moving. They couldn t because the tiniest piece was missing Rhode Island.

I grew up in Rhode Island, enjoying my new backyard where we grew one of everything a pea plant, a tomato plant, a gladiolus, etc. I loved being only minutes away from the ocean. Eating Johnny cakes and clams.

I was always terribly shy and spent a great deal of time observing people and the beauty around me, storing it up, for I never guessed that I d end up being a writer.

Now that I m an adult and a writer, I still feel like a child. In fact, I often feel like someone impersonating a grownup, so it s far easier for me to write for children than to write for adults.

Life is full of so many wonderful things happy, sad, amazing, puzzling, beautiful and ugly things. Writing helps me to figure out the world. I love the power of words and how powerful I feel when I use them the right way. I intensely value imagination and worry that many children have it knocked out of them as they grow up and are exposed to life, mass culture, and the media. I love using my imagination when I write. I feel I am speaking very directly to my children. To me, children are the best!

Giselle Potter has collaborated with Cari Best on books including" Beatrice Spells Some Lulus and Learns to Write a Letter" and "Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!", which was a "Booklist "Editors' Choice and selected a Best Book of the Year by both" Publishers Weekly" and "Child" magazine. Ms. Potter lives in Kingston, New York.
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ISBN: 9780375836015
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Publisher: Schwartz & Wade Books
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2006
Pages: 40
Language: English