Late Have I Loved Thee: Selected Writings of Saint Augustine on Love (Paperback)

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By John F. Thornton (Editor), Susan B. Varenne (Editor), James J. O'Donnell (Preface by)
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"Late Have I Loved Thee" is the first collection of Saint Augustine's varied writings on human and divine love, chosen to reflect his lifelong preoccupation with "ordo amoris," the principle of rightly directed love. "My weight is my love," he writes in "The Confessions." He sees our ability to love as disordered by sin, so that we often choose badly what and how to love. Only by recognizing that we are commanded to love God first can any other object of our love be properly ordered, "Late Have I Loved Thee" draws on the riches found in Augustine's sermons, letters, treatises, and Scripture commentaries, as well as passages from "The Confessions" and "City of God."
Augustine (354-430 A.D.)" "was the most prolific writer of Christian antiquity and the most influential theologian in Church history." "In his first encyclical, " God Is Love, "current Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges his indebtedness to him. When we read Augustine today, we encounter the same direct, eloquent passions his original listeners experienced, infused with his deep sense of human weakness and burning desire for union with God.

About the Author

A former publishing executive, John F. Thornton is a literary agent and co-editor of Tongues of Angels, Tongues of Men: A Book of Sermons. He lives in New York City.

Susan B. Varenne holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago Divinity School and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. She is a New York City teacher and a freelance writer specializing in religion.

James J. O'Donnell brings to his searching meditation on the life of the mind in cyberspace a unique combination of perspectives. He is Provost at Georgetown University.
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