For Common Things: Irony, Trust, and Commitment in America Today (Paperback)

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Jedediah Purdy calls For Common Things his "letter of love for the world's possibilities." Indeed, these pages--which have already garnered a flurry of attention among readers and in the media--constitute a passionate and persuasive testament to the value of political, social, and community reengagement. Drawing on a wide range of literary and cultural influences--from the writings of Montaigne and Thoreau to the recent popularity of empty entertainment and breathless chroniclers of the technological age--Purdy raises potent questions about our stewardship of civic values.

Most important, Purdy offers us an engaging, honest, and bracing reminder of what is crucial to the healing and betterment of society, and impels us to consider all that we hold in common.

About the Author

Michele Morrone is an associate professor of environmental health sciences and director of Environmental Studies at Ohio University. Her publications include "Sound Science, Junk Policy: Environmental Health and the Decisionmaking Process" and "Poisons on Our Plates: The Real Food Safety Problem in the United States."

Praise For…

"Beautifully written, erudite, unpretentious and, most of all, earnest."--Newsday

"Purdy deserves high praise for vindicating the belief that civic engagement can still be meaningful, important and authentic."--Boston Book Review

"The kind of book one finds recommending unreservedly to friends, colleagues, and neighbors."--The Christian Science Monitor

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ISBN: 9780375706912
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Publisher: Vintage Books USA
Publication Date: September 12th, 2000
Pages: 256
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