Old Jews Telling Jokes: 5,000 Years of Funny Bits and Not-So-Kosher Laughs (Paperback)

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A grasshopper walked into a bar and ordered a drink.
The bartender looked at him and said, You know we have a drink named after you?
The grasshopper replied, You have a drink named Stanley?
Schtick happens. For five thousand years, God's chosen people have cornered the market on knee-slappers, zingers, and knock-knock jokes. Now Old Jews Telling Jokes mines mothers, fathers, bubbies, and zaydes for comic gelt. What we get are jokes that are funnier than a pie in the punim: Abie and Becky jokes; hilarious rabbi, doctor, and mohel tales; and those bits just for Mom (Q: What's the difference between a Jewish mother and a Rottweiler? A: Eventually a Rottweiler will let go ). Some are just naughty and some are downright bawdy but either way you ll laugh till you plotz. With Borscht Belt gags from Brooklyn to Bel Air to Boca, Old Jews Telling Jokes is like chicken soup for your funny bone. I mean, would it kill you to laugh a little?

About the Author

Hollywood director and producer SAM HOFFMAN launched the enormously successful website Old Jews Telling Jokes (www.oldjewstellingjokes.com) in 1999, born of his own fondness for the funny tales he heard from his father, family and friends over four decades. He lives in New York.

ERIC SPIEGELMAN is the founder of Jetpack Media, which produced the OldJewsTellingJokes.com website. He lives in Los Angeles.

Praise For…

"Chock full of funny stuff!" -- Mel Brooks, director and author of The 2000 Year Old Man

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