Britannia in Brief: The Scoop on All Things British (Paperback)

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When it comes to Britain, most Americans don t know (Union) Jack. Fortunately, now an Anglo-American husband-and-wife team are here to help with a smart, funny, and handy guide that minds the gap between fact and fiction. From Whigs and Windsors to wankers and Wales, this spit-spot-on reference covers all manner of British history, society, culture, language, and everyday life, including
the class system, title envy, and a thumbnail sketch of British dynasties
highlights of the social season (yes, they have a social season)
Parliament, prime ministers, and a wild variety of political parties
British sports 101, including football (by which we mean soccer), cricket, rugby, snooker, and darts
answers to the pressing question: What's on the telly?
British culinary delights, from Marmite to late-night tikka masala
odd pronunciations (e.g., how St. John becomes Sin Jun )
cockney slang, or why you should never get caught telling porkies on the dog
Londoners pride in the Tube and the truth about trainspotting
So whether you re traveling to England on business or for pleasure, dating a Brit, hoping to comfort a homesick Londoner (whip up a treacle tart, recipe included), or simply curious about life across the pond, Britannia in Brief is the perfect companion.

About the Author

Leslie Banker is co-author of "The Pocket Decorator" and" The Pocket Renovator" both published by Universe. She has written freelance articles for Interior Design magazine, Edible Rhody, and a regular column for Realtor Magazine On-Line.

William Mullins is a financial software developer and has written freelance pieces for and "The Boston Book Review." Before moving to the US he was an assistant editorat Debrett's in London."

Praise For…

“A witty, irreverent crash course ‘101’ that all Anglophiles will love. Leslie Banker and William Mullins have bridged the great divide between two countries separated by a common language. A bloody good read!”—Anita Naughton, author of Tea and Sympathy

Britannia in Brief is an indispensable guide. Better than Fromer's, shorter than the Encyclopedia Britannica, it is hilarious, clever, and spot-on. This book is perfect for every foreigner who wishes to talk local, and for every local who doesn't get out enough.”—Amanda Foreman, author of The Duchess

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