Money Drunk/Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom (Paperback)

By Julia Cameron, Mark Bryan (Joint Author)
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In a society where it is often easier to discuss sex than money, many of us have hidden issues about personal finances. But when fending off bill collectors, begging for salary advances, or borrowing from relatives becomes a way of life, unresolved money problems can lead to enormous stress and destroy relationships, careers, and lives. Do you recognize yourself or someone you love in any of these descriptions?

Do you buy things and hide them?

Do you refuse to watch your money because one big deal is going to make everything all right?

Is the pay the only thing you like about your job?

Do you feel morally superior to people with money?

Are you afraid to say no to your partner about money?

Through their highly effective seminars, Mark Bryan and Julia Cameron have helped many people free themselves from the painful cycle of acting out with money. The Money Drunk offers new perspectives on the real roots of money problems, showing how to dismantle negative family and societal programming about money and how to undo the destructive patterns that sabotage your financial success. The program teaches new, more constructive habits to anyone who has ever had a problem with money.

About the Author

JULIA CAMERON is an artist and writer, with over 20 years of experience as a film director and producer. Her book The Artists Way (Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1992) is a guide to discovering the spiritual path to a higher creativity. A former writer-in-residence and teacher at Northwestem University, Julia Cameron has taught and refined her creativity techniques in many workshops over the post ten years.

Bryan is a seasoned teacher, writer, and business consultant. He has taught free enterprise in Russia. He is currently a Senior Counselor at Aspen Meadows Psychiatric Hospital, Velarde, New Mexico. He is also on the faculty of the College of Santa Fe.

Praise For…

"Most of us are a little 'money crazy' from part to nearly all the time. This book points the way back to sanity."
   Author of Inner Excellence: Spiritual Principles of Life-Driven Business

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Publication Date: February 9th, 1999
Pages: 240
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