Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children (Paperback)

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This thought-provoking and timely bookfrom a #1 "New York Times" bestselling novelist and noted child psychologist reveals the factors that often lead to explosive and shocking juvenile violence.
" Ethically and morally, kids are works in progress. Throw in psychopathy and you ve got a soul that will never be complete.
In this powerful, disturbing book, bestselling author and noted child psychologist Jonathan Kellerman shines a penetrating light on antisocial youth kids who kill without remorse asserting that psychopathic tendencies begin very early in life, as young as three, and they endure. Criticizing our quick impulse to blame violent movies or a morally bankrupt society, Kellerman convinces us that it is the kids themselves who need to be examined. Carefully.
How do children become cold-blooded killers? Kellerman warns that today's aggressive bully is tomorrow's Mafia don, cult leader, or genocidal dictator. Violently psychopathic youths possess an overriding need for power, control, and stimulation, and all display a complete lack of regard for the humanity of others. He examines the origins of psychopathy and the ever-shifting debate between nurture and nature, offering some controversial solutions to dealing with homicidal tendencies in children.
As timely as today's headlines, more gripping than fiction, "Savage Spawn" is a provocative look at the links between society and biology, children and violence. Kellerman's sobering message will remain with you long after the last page is turned.

About the Author

Jonathan Kellerman received his Ph.D. in psychology at the age of twenty-four. In 1985, his first novel, When the Bough Breaks, became a New York Times bestseller, was produced as a TV movie, and won the Edgar Allan Poe and Anthony awards for best first novel. Since then, he has written twenty-eight bestselling crime novels.
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ISBN: 9780345429391
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Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: May 18th, 1999
Pages: 134
Language: English
Series: Library of Contemporary Thought