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Here they are--the basic questions of existence with answerss As editor of two popular books, THE STRAIGHT DOPE and MORE OF THE STRAIGHT DOPE, Ed Zotti has helped the legendary Cecil Adams answer the great riddles of our time. Now, in KNOW IT ALL , Ed Zotti draws on this vast storehouse of knowledge to solve the mysteries that keep all of us up at night wondering...How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?...Are cats color blind?...If somebody opened the emergecny exit on an airplane while it was in the air, would everybody on the plane be sucked out and killed?...and many, many more.
It is questions like these upon which the fate of mankind rests. Ask, read, and remember. You will be tested.

About the Author

Ed Zotti is a journalist, author, the editor of the Chicago Reader's column "The Straight Dope," and the man behind "the world's most intelligent man," Cecil Adams. He is author of The Straight Dope, More of the Straight Dope, Return of the Straight Dope, and The Straight Dope Tells All. A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism, he lives in Chicago.
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