A Country for All: An Immigrant Manifesto (Paperback)

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For decades, fixing the United States’ broken immigration system has been one of the most urgent challenges facing our country, and time and time again, politicians have passed the buck. With anti-immigrant sentiment rising around the country, as evidenced by the passage of a controversial new law in Arizona, it is now more important than ever to remember the role immigrants play in enriching our economy and culture, and to find a way to incorporate the millions of productive, law-abiding workers who have been drawn to the United States by the inexorable pull of freedom and economic opportunity. No longer should they be forced to work in the shadows, with no hope for equal rights as American citizens.

In this timely book, award-winning journalist Jorge Ramos makes the case for a practical and politically achievable solution to this emotional issue. Ramos argues that we have a simple choice: to take a pragmatic approach that deals with the reality of immigration, or to continue a cruel and capricious system that doesn’t work, wastes billions of dollars, and which stands in direct opposition to our national principles.

About the Author

Jorge Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards and the Maria Moors Cabot Award for excellence in journalism. He has been the anchorman for Univision News for the last twenty-one years and has appeared on NBC's "Today", CNN's "Talk Back Live", ABC's "Nightline", CBS's "Early Show", and Fox News's "The O'Reilly Factor", among others. He is the bestselling author of "No Borders: A Journalist's Search for Home" and "Dying to Cross". He lives in Florida.

Jorge Ramos ha sido el conductor de "Noticiero Univision" desde 1986. Ha ganado siete premios Emmy y el premio Maria Moors Cabot por excelencia en perio dismo otorgado por la Universidad de Columbia. AdemAs ha sido invitado a varios de los mAs importantes programas de televisiOn como "Nightline" de ABC, "Today Show" de NBC, "Larry King Live" de CNN, "The O'Reilly Factor" de FOX News y "Charlie Rose" de PBS, entre otros. Es el autor bestseller de "Atravesando Fronteras", "La Ola Latina", "La Otra Cara de AmErica", "Lo Que Vi y Morir en el Intento". Actualmente vive en Miami.

Ezra E. Fitz has translated Latin American novels such as Eloy Urroz's The Obstacles and Friction, and Alberto Fuguet's The Movies of My Life.
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