Deep Leadership: Essential Insights from High-Risk Environments (Paperback)

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In this new twist on a topic of perennial interest, Joe MacInnis shows how the leadership traits forged in extraordinary circumstances are transferrable to our everyday lives. Simply put, this is a handbook for building character.
Some people are born leaders. The rest of us find ourselves in positions where leadership is required. Self-described "accidental leader" Dr. Joe MacInnis found himself in such a situation: deep beneath the ice of the Arctic Ocean. Starting with his undersea explorations, this physician, scientist, author and motivational speaker shares an accessible--and obtainable--list of leadership traits inspired by his own journey and the icons he's learned from over the years. "Deep Leadership "is an eminently digestible book with short lessons and anecdotes. Think "Rework "meets "Iacocca. "MacInnis gives the reader a primer to navigate his or her own path toward leadership, including such practices as keeping a journal, building a library and finding mentors.

Praise For…

"Whether under fire or underwater, leadership is like a muscle. In this action-packed account from the front lines of exploration and armed conflict, Joe MacInnis shows us how it works and how to exercise it."
—James Cameron, Academy Award-winning director of Titanic and Avatar
"An invaluable guide on how to exercise command and achieve results."
—Peter C. Newman
"If you want to become the leader your community and the world so desperately needs, this book is for you."
—Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament, District of Papineau
"This is a fast-paced, lyrical blueprint of leadership from a man who's been inside the fire. If you're young or young at heart and want to save the world, you'll want to read this book."
—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President, Waterkeeper Alliance

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ISBN: 9780307361110
ISBN-10: 030736111X
Publisher: Vintage Books Canada
Publication Date: December 26th, 2017
Pages: 256
Language: English