Annals and Histories (Hardcover)

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The complete historical works of the greatest chronicler of the Roman Empire in a wholly revised and updated translation.
A brilliant narrator and a master stylist, Tacitus served as administrator and senator, a career that gave him an intimate view of the empire at its highest levels, and of the dramatic, violent, and often bloody events of the first century. In the "Annals, "he writes about Augustus Caesar's death and observes the inner workings of the courts of the emperors Tiberius and Nero. In the "Histories, "he describes an empire in tumult, four emperors reigning in one year, each overthrown by the next. The "Agricola, "a biography of Tacitus's father-in-law, Julius Agricola--the most celebrated governor of Roman Britain--is the first detailed account of the island that would eventually rule over a quarter of the earth. And in the "Germania, "the famed warrior-barbarians of ancient Germany come richly to life.

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S. J. V. Malloch is Lecturer in Roman History at the Department of Classics, University of Nottingham.

Alfred J. Church (1829-1912) wrote a number of stories in English re-telling of classical tales and legends for young people (Stories from Virgil, Stories from Homer, etc.). He also wrote much Latin and English verse, and in 1908 published his Memories of Men and Books.
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