What Would Machiavelli Do?: The Ends Justify the Meanness (Paperback)

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What Would Machiavelli Do?He would feast on other people's discordHe wouldn't exactly seek the company of ass-kissers and bimbos, but he wouldn't reject them out of hand eitherHe would realize that loving yourself means never having to say you're sorryHe would kill people, but only if he could feel good about himself afterwardHe would establish and maintain a psychotic level of controlHe would use other people's opinions to sell his book.

About the Author

Stanley Bing is the author of four humorous and eminently useful books on business, most recently the best-selling Sun-Tzu Was a Sissy, and two novels. He lives in New York City and works for a gigantic multinational conglomerate.
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ISBN: 9780066620107
ISBN-10: 0066620104
Publisher: HarperBusiness
Publication Date: July 28th, 2004
Pages: 176
Language: English