The Stories of Paul Bowles (Paperback)

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The short fiction of American literary cult figure Paul Bowles is marked by a unique, delicately spare style, and a dark, rich, exotic mood, by turns chilling, ironic, and wrypossessing a symmetry between beauty and terror that is haunting and ultimately moral. In "Pastor Dowe at TecatÉ," a Protestant missionary is sent to a faraway place where his God has no power. In "Call at CorazÓn," an American husband abandons his alcoholic wife on their honeymoon in a South American jungle. In "Allal," a boy's drug-induced metamorphosis into a deadly serpent leads to his violent death. Here also are some of Bowles's most famous works, including "The Delicate Prey," a grimly satisfying tale of vengeance, and "A Distant Episode," which Tennessee Williams proclaimed "a masterpiece."

About the Author

Winner of the ASCAP Deems-Taylor Award for music criticism, Timothy Mangan is classical music critic for the "Orange County Register. "Irene Herrmann is Lecturer in Music at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the executrix of the Paul Bowles music estate.
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ISBN: 9780061137044
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Publication Date: October 31st, 2006
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