Holt McDougal Library: Individual Leveled Reader with Connections Where the Red Fern Grows (Hardcover)

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Wilson Rawls grew up on a small farm in the Ozark Mountains of Oklahoma. There were no schools where he lived so his mother taught Rawls and his sisters how to read and write. He says that reading the book "The Call of the Wild "changed his life and gave him the notion that he would like to grow up to write a book like it. He shared his dream with his father, and his father gave him the encouraging advice, "Son, a man can do anything he sets out to do, if he doesn't give up." Rawls never forgot his father's words, and went on to create two novels about his boyhood that have become modern classics.

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ISBN: 9780030547744
ISBN-10: 0030547741
Publisher: Holt McDougal
Publication Date: September 1998
Pages: 288
Language: English